The mission of Boston Eye Care Center is to improve eyesight in the community by setting the standard of excellence in ocular care. We do this by prioritizing patient needs, one patient at a time. Diverse and inclusive, we provide patient-centered medicine; educate medical students, scientists, health care professionals and the public; and conduct research to treat, diagnose and prevent vision loss. 


By pushing the boundaries of discovery, providing innovative health care, and advancing medical education, we create hope and deliver the promise of seeing better together.  


 To achieve this mission, we embrace these core values: 

  • Excellence & Discovery. Be the best. We are committed to exceptional quality and service by encouraging curiosity, seeking information, and creating innovative solutions.

  • Leadership & Integrity. Be a role model. Inspire others to achieve their best and have the courage to do the right thing.

  • Diversity & Inclusion. Be open. Embrace and value different backgrounds, opinions, and experiences.  Look out for unconscious bias.

  • Respect & Collegiality. Be kind. Use reflective listening to understand and embrace others’ unique skills and knowledge.


We provide the best possible sustained ophthalmic care to our patients according to medical necessity and build a health-focused community with the following goals: life-long learning, a habit of scholarship, evidence-based medicine, and astute skills of observation.


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Fiona Inneson

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Senior Technician & Clinical Operations Manager

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